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Linda Greene and Furnishings 411

Linda GreeneLinda has been in the furniture and design business for 20 years.  Her career started with staging of model homes but her love of furniture and design blossomed and has transitioned into her launching Furnishings 411 in High Point, North Carolina.

Furnishings 411 prides itself on saving clients money as opposed to finding ways to exceed their budget like big box retail furniture stores. They believe everyone deserves the home of their dreams and feel that when a person walks in their home it should reflect their personality and style. Furnishings 411 is able to give there clients this world class service with a personal touch through savvy purchases, re purposing and rearranging what customers currently own and throwing in a little TLC and artistic style. Linda Greene, owner and designer has a motto and it is never, say never.  You do not have to think big money when recreating your home; think that the possibilities are endless with the right designer!  Furnishings 411 was designed to be a one stop shop. We do not have a high rent district retail facility which helps us pass along plenty of savings to our customers.  We are a bargain shopper’s paradise with a touch of class and style with no frills that leads to better pricing direct to the consumer.  We can sell you a whole room or whole house of new furniture or we can take what Grandma left you and bring it current and make it flow with your style.

Furnishings 411 can change the fabric, the finish, or simply move it to another area in your home that you never would have considered. We have clients from all over the globe including Guyana, South America to whom we ship furniture and custom designed pieces.

Linda humbly says this, “I am in this business because it gives me great joy to wake up every day knowing I am blessed to go to work doing something that I love.”

Please note: Due to the nature of our buying process we often have only one of an item. Images on the website are products we have carried but they may have sold since publication.

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