Bedroom Gallery

Your bedroom can range in style and function to run the whole gamut. You can build a sleek spa retreat or get realistic and know that this is where the family gathers and hangs out. The pieces of furniture will help dictate how you use the room and it can soon become your favorite room in the house.

We regularly find great headboard/foot-board combinations that you can add to your existing bed-frame and completely update the look of your room without doing anything else. We show them throughout the 26,000 square foot showroom and usually match them with other pieces that will compliment the bed should decide to re-work more of the room.

Creating your Dream Bedroom

If you’re starting from scratch and need everything let our designer show you different options that will help you buy a complete room at a fraction of the price of a traditional furniture showroom. Additionally, because we carry so many name brands then you aren’t locked in to just one style or brand. We find it so advantageous to be able to combine different brands and designers to help develop just the right look that matches your style and personality.

Look through the gallery for bedroom ideas and inspiration but remember our inventory changes every week. Some of the items in the gallery will probably have sold already but bring in your favorite ideas and we can help you build out the bedroom of your dreams.

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