Help Others in Need

Friends, we all need to come together as a nation and pray for the safety and well being of everyone affected by these hurricanes. I have thought for days how I can help with such devastation and mass destruction. I personally moved with my infant daughter to Florida after hurricane Andrew to help rebuild Homestead, I can tell you the sights upon arrival were heart wrenching. I fear the devastation in Texas and Florida is more catastrophic.

I am a small business but I HAVE to do my part for people that will need to recover from these storms. My pledge, for every purchase made through the rest of September, 10% will be donated to the victims of the storm. I will find a way to make sure this money is stretched to do the most good. If I have to load a tractor trailer full of necessities to take to the affected areas, it will happen.

So, PLEASE, instead of asking for a discount on your purchase, help me do my part and give that 10% back to the people that need it NOW!

We are open everyday this week from 9-5pm


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