Living Room

The living room is the most traveled room in the house. Kids hang out for games with friends, family comes together for movie night, neighbors drop by to watch the ball game. Your living room is upfront and on stage all of the time. Don’t you want it to be a true reflection of you and your family?

Use our Living Room galleries for ideas and inspiration on trendy and clever ways to get the most out of this versatile room. Just because it is utilitarian doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful and stylish. Add a splash of color or a design style that is unique in the house and what your friends compliment you on your designer’s eye.

Keep in mind that our inventory changes on a weekly basis in our 26,000 square foot showroom so we may not have the exact piece shown in the gallery. But we can probably find something close so bring in your favorites ideas and your measurements and we’ll help you find a living room that lives up to your dreams.

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