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Furnishings 411 Upholstery Questionnaire

14 things you need to consider when re upholstering your furniture

  1. What is the age/condition of the frame?
  2. Will the finish of the frame be changed?
  3. Are there any repairs needed or requested?
  4. What is the condition of the foam?
  5. What is the condition of the seat board?
  6. Is the fabric a solid or print?  (we will need a picture of all print fabric with particular center to be used)
  7. Would you like welt?
  8. What type of welt: Self welt or different welt?
  9. Single or double welt?
  10. Any type of closures? Zipper, Elastic or Button
  11. Type of cushion:  Box cushion(Welt top & bottom), Standard(No Welt), Tufting?
  12. Finish height of seat?
  13. Any additional finishes accessories? (ex: Fringe, Nailheads)
  14. For outdoor: Regular foam or Marine foam? Attaching tie straps?

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